Color of the Butterfly

Butterflies are known for their vibrant and beautiful colors. Each one starts as a caterpillar, eventually morphing into their most vibrant form. Each of their colors are beautifully displayed on their wings for the world to see. Many of these colors have symbolic meanings and  representations in art, dreams and folklore. 

As a symbol, the butterfly represents transformation, inner beauty, and the essence of one’s true self. The butterfly is a strong and uplifting  symbol, full of good intentions. Choosing the butterfly as a representation of oneself is layered in positivity and resilience; the colors of which can show specific characteristics or general feelings. 


The blue butterfly is rare. It’s breathtaking beauty denotes good omens, good fortune, and honor. Because of its rarity, it is held in the highest  regard. If a blue butterfly were to come across your path, you could consider yourself very lucky and may even expect to experience a sense of  calm. Some cultures consider the blue butterfly to be wish granting, so if you see one be sure to send a little wish its way. 


Orange butterflies, or orange and black butterflies, are often associated with positive intentions. When you think of an orange butterfly, do  you think of a monarch butterfly? Monarchs are one of the most commonly thought of butterflies and a good representation of the symbolism  of orange butterflies. They are not rare, but they are passionate, and symbolize passionate people. Though an orange butterfly can also be  associated with aggression, its symbolism of friendliness and passion make it beautiful. 


Yellow butterflies are said to offer guidance and hope. They are, similar to the color yellow, associated with positivity, joy, and creativity. Though  not rare, they are beautiful and you should feel lucky to watch a yellow butterfly flutter around you. Many times, yellow butterflies are associated  with new life and the hope that comes with the change in a season. Seeing a yellow butterfly near you could either mean a change in weather is  near or a positive change in your life is about to occur. 

Adopting the butterfly as your symbol shows your strength, your inner beauty, and your willingness to transform. Each butterfly has a unique color  pattern just as every person does. Displaying your true colors shows confidence and resilience. Just like the butterfly you are able to reinvent  yourself and bring positivity to those around you. 

Whether it be the Rafaella butterfly or a butterfly fluttering through your yard, let each one you see remind you of the power in transforming into  the most vibrant version of yourself and the beauty you show every day.